Lala Kent Claps Back After Mom-Shamers Criticized Her Cheeky Thong Swimsuit Photo

Lala Kent, the renowned star of ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ has responded to the criticism she received from mom-shamers regarding a daring thong swimsuit photo she posted on Instagram. In an act of empowerment, the 32-year-old reality star took to her Instagram Story on July 13 to address her critics, making it clear that their opinions were unwelcome. She also shed light on the context surrounding the photo, emphasizing that none of the children present at her Fourth of July celebration were around when she captured the snapshot.

Standing Her Ground

Lala Kent marked her territory by confidently standing her ground against women who indulged in “mom-shaming” after she shared a captivating picture of herself donning a swimsuit. Through her Instagram Story, she expressed her dissatisfaction with their negative comments. On the 4th of July, Lala found a rare moment for herself and decided to commemorate it by capturing an enticing photo. Despite her genuine intentions, she faced unwarranted criticism from some individuals.

Lala Kent : A Picture-Perfect Celebration

On July 8, Lala Kent celebrated Independence Day by sharing two delightful photos. The first image showcased her adorable daughter, Ocean, aged two, alongside another child, engrossed in the day’s festivities. The second photo, which stirred up controversy, featured Lala herself, posing confidently in a black thong swimsuit in a picturesque field, with her hands resting on her buttocks. While the majority of her followers came to her defense, a few chose to raise objections, deeming the combination of photos as “weird.” In addition, one individual resorted to “shaming” Lala for her daring picture.

Clapping Back with Confidence

Unwilling to let negativity overshadow her celebration, Lala took to her Instagram Story to address her critics head-on. She expressed her frustration towards the mom-shaming women who seemed determined to bring her down. Lala, being a devoted parent and a full-time worker, hardly finds any time for herself. On that particular 4th of July, she felt attractive and wanted to capture the moment. Consequently, she made it clear that any negative remarks were unwelcome and urged those with a penchant for negativity to refrain from commenting altogether. Her message was loud and clear: “If you have anything negative to say, go f**k yourself. Leave me alone.”

Embracing Body Positivity

In addition to defending herself, Lala Kent enlightened her critics about the circumstances surrounding the photo. She emphasized that her children were not present when she took the picture. However, she firmly believed that it shouldn’t have mattered even if they had been present. In a powerful statement, she wrote, “For the record, the kids weren’t watching me take this picture. And even if they were, we all have butts. Take time to love on yours.”

A New Chapter Unfolds

Lala Kent shares her daughter, Ocean, with her former partner Randall Emmett, from whom she separated in 2021, just months after their baby girl was born. Lala has expressed her desire to have another child but has chosen a different path for herself. In a November 2022 discussion on the Scheananigans podcast, she revealed her intention to go through the process of having another child on her own, with the help of a sperm donor. Lala’s decision stems from her skepticism about the longevity of relationships, particularly in the area she resides. She firmly stated, “I will not even attempt to do it a different way. I don’t want another person involved.”

In conclusion, Lala Kent’s response to the mom-shamers who criticized her thong swimsuit photo showcases her strength and resilience. She refuses to let negativity deter her from celebrating her individuality and cherishing moments that make her feel confident. With an unwavering spirit, Lala stands tall and advocates for body positivity, reminding us all to embrace and love ourselves.

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