Japanese man Becomes Dog: Japanese man transforms into ‘dog’ by spending $20K

Japanese man Becomes Dog: In a truly extraordinary tale, a Japanese man embarked on a quest to transform himself into an animal, specifically a ‘border collie,’ in a pursuit to fulfill his lifelong aspiration. To achieve this remarkable feat, he expended over $20,000 (equivalent to two million Yen). The outcome of his endeavor led him to take his first public walk as a human ‘dog,’ an event that has captured the attention of many.

Japanese man Becomes Dog

The man behind this intriguing metamorphosis is known as Toco, and his journey was documented on his YouTube channel, boasting an impressive 30,000 subscribers. The videos showcased Toco playfully frolicking in his backyard, showcasing his tricks in exchange for treats. According to reports from the New York Post, Toco was even spotted wearing a leash, being taken out for a walk, where he interacted with other dogs in the park and playfully rolled around on the ground. The experience was evidently heartwarming for both passers-by and his newfound canine companions.

Japanese man Becomes Dog

A Dream Come True

In one of his videos, captions indicated that his dream of “becoming an animal” had been fulfilled, a desire he had nurtured since his childhood. The reason behind this unusual transformation, he revealed, was to avoid judgment from others, particularly his colleagues. Toco preferred to keep his identity as a human hidden, as he feared the peculiar nature of his hobbies would be met with disdain. “For the same reason why I can’t show my real face,” he explained to the media.

Toco’s decision to embark on this transformative journey brought mixed reactions from his family, leaving them surprised upon learning the news. Understandably, he felt a sense of nervousness and apprehension before making his first public appearance as a dog.

The hyperrealistic dog costume that Toco adorned was a remarkable creation by the Japanese company Zeppet, which specializes in crafting costumes for TV commercials and movies. It took an astonishing 40 days to meticulously craft the outfit, which astonishingly replicates the appearance of a real dog walking on all fours, according to a spokesperson from the company.

For those curious to witness Toco’s remarkable transformation and his heartwarming first walk in public as a ‘human dog,’ they can find his videos on his YouTube channel.

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