Zack Snyder's cut Justice League trailer disappears from YouTube

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James Gunn, co-owner of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), is facing criticism from those fans.

This included eliminating Henry Cavill's future as Superman and ending the possibility of Man of Steel 2.

HBO Max, the streaming service that released Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League, has deleted the trailer for the Snyder Cut from YouTube.

The Snyder Cut trailer had garnered 31 million views, making it one of the most viewed trailers for the studio.

Fans are blaming James Gunn and HBO Max for deleting the trailer, seeing it as another attempt to undermine Zack Snyder's vision for the DC universe.

The decision to delete the trailer has further agitated fans who were already upset with James Gunn's actions in the DCEU.

There is a growing buzz and controversy surrounding James Gunn's involvement in the DCU, with fans divided over his decisions and their impact on the SnyderVerse.

Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League was highly anticipated by fans and represented a version of the film that closely aligned with his original vision.

The Snyder Cut was released on HBO Max after a strong fan campaign demanding its release, and it received a positive response from many viewers.

The deletion of the trailer has reignited the debate over the direction of the DC universe and the influence of James Gunn on its future.

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