Why is Sukihana trending on Twitter?

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Sukihana, a rapper, has recently become a trending topic on Twitter due to a controversial video.

The video, which supposedly originated from Sukihana's OnlyFans page, depicts her engaging in sexual activities and involving bodily fluids.

The source of the video has not been confirmed yet, adding to the mystery surrounding its release.

The explicit content of the video has sparked mixed reactions on Twitter, with some users expressing disgust and even threatening to leave the platform.

Conversely, there are others who have come to Sukihana's defense, supporting her right to express herself freely.

Despite the trending discussions about Sukihana on Twitter, she currently does not have an active account on the platform.

The rapper had previously decided to take a break from Twitter following an incident involving YK Osiris.

The video has caused a significant amount of attention and controversy, resulting in its viral spread.

The explicit nature of the video and the involvement of bodily fluids have particularly repulsed some users.

The incident has brought attention to the ongoing debate about the boundaries of sexual expression and the role of platforms like OnlyFans.

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