Why didn't Beyonce drop Lizzo's name during the Break My Soul performance of Renaissance Tour?

Beyoncé's ongoing tour has been a massive hit, drawing huge crowds and garnering substantial attention.

1. Beyoncé's Successful Renaissance World Tour

At the Gillette Stadium concert in Foxborough, Beyoncé skipped over Lizzo's name while performing the song "Break My Soul."

2. Lizzo's Name Skipped during Break My Soul Performance

Footage from the concert quickly went viral on social media, sparking curiosity and discussions among netizens.

3. Videos of the Incident Go Viral

The decision to skip Lizzo's name may have been influenced by recent sexual harassment allegations against the rapper.

5. Possible Reaction to Lizzo's Sexual Harassment Allegations

Three of Lizzo's former dancers filed a lawsuit against her, alleging sexual harassment, hostile work environment, religious and racial harassment, false imprisonment, and interference with economic advantage.

6. Lizzo Being Sued by Former Dancers

Beyoncé aimed to avoid singling out Lizzo in a disrespectful manner by not mentioning other names after skipping Lizzo's name during the performance.

7. Respectful Approach by Beyoncé

As of the report's date, Lizzo has not addressed the sexual harassment allegations made against her by her former dancers.

8. Lizzo's Silence on the Allegations

The lawsuit also claims that Lizzo allegedly "called attention" to a dancer's weight gain after a performance, which is surprising given her role as a body-positivity spokesperson.

9. Weight Gain Comment Controversy

Some former members of Lizzo's team have come forward to support the victims and shared their similar experiences, shedding light on the alleged harassment.

10. Support from Former Team Members

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