Why did Pat McAfee take a dig at Kendall Jenner and her dating history?

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The ESPY Awards 2023 took place on July 12, 2023.

Pat McAfee made a joke about Kendall Jenner's dating history during the ceremony.

Kendall Jenner is known for her interest in basketball players.

Netizens have often made jokes about Jenner's romantic history.

McAfee mentioned Jenner's "Starting five" during his opening speech at the awards.

Jenner's past boyfriends have mostly been star basketball players.

McAfee joked that if Jenner's former boyfriends formed a team, they would win every basketball championship.

The term "starting five" became a meme referring to Jenner's rumored relationships with five NBA players.

Jenner clarified in the past that she hasn't dated as many basketball stars as people assume.

In 2019, she quote-tweeted a meme about her dating history, stating that only two out of the five players mentioned were accurate.

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