When Scarlett Johansson remembered she got a drunken text from Chris Evans at 5 a.m. and....

Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans share a strong bond, having worked together on various projects even before their roles in the Avengers movies.

1. Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans' Bond

Their friendship deepened after starring as Black Widow (Scarlett) and Captain America (Chris) in the Marvel movies.

2. Friendship from Marvel Movies

They are known for supporting and teasing each other, showcasing their genuine and close friendship.

3. Supportive Friendship

Scarlett shared an incident involving Chris Evans during a chat show conversation.

4. Embarrassing Incident

The "S*xiest Man Alive":** Chris Evans is known for his title as the "s*xiest man alive."

5. Chris Evans

Scarlett revealed that she received a text message from Chris Evans, which led her to believe he might have been drunk.

6. Text Message from Chris Evans

The text from Chris Evans praised Scarlett's movie trailer, indicating that he thought it looked great.

7. Complimenting the Trailer

The text was sent at 5 am, which surprised Scarlett and led her to wonder why he was awake at that hour.

8. 5 AM Text

Scarlett's response to the interviewer's inquiry about what Chris might have been "lifting" at 5 am led to a burst of hilarious laughter.

9. Hilarious Conversation

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