When Rihanna Breaks Her Googling Phobia About Big V*gina and Childbirth: "It's Horrible...

The singer opened up in a recent interview with Miranda July for the NY Times, discussing her fear of childbirth and her phobia of large vaginas.

1. Rihanna's Candid Interview

Rihanna and her partner A$ap Rocky welcomed their first child, a baby boy named RZA Athelston Mayers, in May last year.

2. Embracing Motherhood

Rihanna admitted to looking up information about childbirth online due to her concerns about the process.

3. Googling Childbirth

Rihanna revealed that her curiosity stemmed from her phobia of large vaginas. She even Googled the term "phobia of a big vagina" and was shocked by the results.

4. Phobia of Big Vagina

When asked if the depth of her private parts concerned her, Rihanna humorously responded by saying, "Trust me, if they can't feel the end, it's like, Cannonball!"

5. Depth Concerns

Despite her fears, Rihanna is confidently embracing motherhood for the second time, and her maternity fashion continues to make waves as she turns heads with her stylish choices.

6. Maternity Fashion

It appears that Rihanna has come to terms with her fear of childbirth and her phobia of large vaginas, as she prepares to welcome her second child.

7. Overcoming Fears

The candid interview provided a unique insight into Rihanna's thoughts and fears about childbirth, showing a more vulnerable side of the global icon.

8. Unique Interview Insight

Rihanna's apprehension about childbirth and her candid discussion about her phobia resonates with many women who may share similar concerns.

9. Connection to Common Worries

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