When Kevin Hart's wife, who was 8 months pregnant, found him cheating on her in Vegas

In the Netflix docuseries "Kevin Hart: Don't F**k This Up," a lesser-known fact about the comedian's life was revealed.

1. Kevin Hart's Cheating Scandal

Kevin Hart's wife, Eniko Harris, discovered her husband cheating on her in Las Vegas when she was eight months pregnant.

2. The Vegas Incident

Eniko received an edited video of Kevin with another woman, causing her to break down emotionally.

3. Shocking Video

Eniko felt publicly humiliated as the cheating scandal played out on social media, leading to ongoing fights and stress in their relationship.

4. Public Humiliation

Being eight months pregnant, Eniko worried about the potential impact of the stress on their unborn child.

5. Concern for Their Child

Eniko believes in second chances and forgave Kevin, stating that he's become a better man after the incident.

6. Commitment to Forgiveness

Despite the challenges, Eniko remained strong and didn't give up on their relationship.

7. Strong and Resilient

Eniko believes in giving second chances but sets a limit of three strikes for any future misbehavior.

8. Two Chances

Since the scandal, Kevin Hart and Eniko Harris have been leading a fulfilling life together.

9. Rebuilding Their Life

The docuseries showcases Kevin's journey, highlighting his growth as a comedian, father, and husband.

10. Personal Growth

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