When Hugh Jackman stopped a s*x scene with Rachel Weisz after the director said

In the movie "The Fountain," Hugh Jackman faced difficulty during a s*x scene with Rachel Weisz due to an unexpected problem.

1. Hugh Jackman's Struggle with a Steamy Scene

"The Fountain" is a romantic drama in which Hugh Jackman starred opposite Rachel Weisz.

2. The Romantic Drama

At the time of filming "The Fountain," Rachel Weisz was engaged to the film's director, Darren Aronofsky.

3. Rachel Weisz's Engagement with Director Darren Aronofsky

Hugh Jackman convinced Darren Aronofsky to cast Rachel Weisz in the lead role despite initial reluctance.

4. Convincing the Director

The problematic scene required Jackman and Weisz to have a steamy makeout session in a bathtub.

5. The Bathtub Makeout Scene

During the scene, the director asked them to move forward, but Hugh Jackman stopped because of a surprising factor.

6. Unplanned Interruption

Darren Aronofsky yelled, "Take off his pants! Take off his pants!" during the scene.

7. The Director's Request

Hugh Jackman revealed that he stopped because he thought the director might beat him up.

8. Jackman's Reasoning

Hugh Jackman's acting career has been highly celebrated, from Australian TV to iconic roles like Wolverine in the X-Men franchise.

9. Jackman's Remarkable Career

The incident on the set of "The Fountain" remains a memorable and humorous anecdote in Hugh Jackman's career.

10. Memorable Anecdote

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