Vietnam bans 'Barbie' movie

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Vietnam has banned an upcoming movie in cinemas on the region in the South China Sea.

1. Movie ban in Vietnam

The film in question is a fantasy comedy film about a famous doll.

2. Title and Cast of the Film

The film was originally scheduled for a nationwide release in Vietnam on July 21.

3. Scheduled Release and Removal

The ban was mainly due to the scenes in the film which depict the controversial nine-dash line.

4. Reason for the ban

The decision to ban the screening of the film was made by the Film Review Board of Vietnam.

5. Decision of the Film Review Board

The ban was enforced by the Government of Vietnam, specifically the Department of Cinema.

6. Government Stance

The film ban was reported by the state media in Vietnam.

7. State media reporting

The ban on the film in Vietnam due to its depiction of the nine-dash line reflects the ongoing tensions and disputes in the South China Sea region.

8. Implications

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