Twitter Raves About Ryan Gosling's Barbie Song "I'm Just Ken" as Award-Worthy

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Ryan Gosling's Barbie song "I'm Just Ken" is generating a lot of buzz on Twitter.

Twitter users are calling for the song to win multiple awards.

The preview of the song was released on July 10, creating anticipation for the full track.

In the song, Gosling's Ken reflects on his relationship with Margot Robbie's Barbie.

The video features Gosling singing shirtless on his bed and includes clips from the film.

Mark Ronson, known for producing hit songs, is behind the film's star-studded soundtrack.

Other artists on the soundtrack include Billie Eilish, Lizzo, and Dua Lipa.

Slash, the guitarist from Guns N' Roses, contributed to the track and plays a solo at the end.

"I'm Just Ken" was one of the first songs written for the movie.

Gosling's portrayal of Ken and his performance of the song are praised for their authenticity and emotional depth.

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