"Top 10 Must-Try Dishes from Around the World"

vinegared rice with a variety of seafood, vegetables and fruits.

1. Sushi (Japan)

Beef is simmered for hours in a mixture of coconut milk and spices, resulting in tender and delicious meat.

2. Rendang (Indonesia)

Wheat noodles served in a broth with vegetables and meat.

3. Ramen (Japan)

A hot and sour Thai soup with prawns, lemongrass, lime, chilli and coconut milk.

4. Tom Yam Goong (Thailand)

Sliced minced meat or seafood cooked with spices and served with vegetables.

5. Kebab (Turkish)

Rice noodle soup with beef or chicken, topped with herbs.

6. Pho (Vietnam)

Roast duck served with cucumbers, green onions and sweet bean sauce.

7. Peking Duck (China)

A rice dish cooked with ingredients such as green beans, meat, butterbeans and spices.

8. Paella (Spain)

A savory pie with shredded beef, kidney, brown gravy and fried onions.

9. Steak and Kidney Pie (England)

Apple strudel pastry filled with grated apple, cinnamon, sugar, breadcrumbs and raisins.

10. Apple strudel pastry(Austria)

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