These 6 Most Dishonest Zodiac Signs

Gemini tops the list of dishonest signs due to their adaptability, often speaking out of both sides of their mouths to avoid confrontation.

1. Gemini

While valuing honesty, Scorpios can be strategic and manipulative, using deception to maintain the upper hand and conceal their vices.

2. Scorpio

Pisces can be dishonest unintentionally, projecting their fantasies and insecurities onto others, and also to avoid hurting others' feelings.

3. Pisces

Known for honesty, Leos can become defensive and dishonest to save face or to get ahead in their career to receive admiration and recognition.

4. Leo

Though often straightforward, Aquarius can be dishonest in relationships to avoid hurting someone's feelings or facing intense emotions.

5. Aquarius

Libras are sweet and considerate, but they can be dishonest when it comes to difficult conversations, preferring to avoid confrontation.

6. Libra

Gemini's accommodating nature can lead to dishonesty, as they try to please everyone and avoid causing harm.

7. People-Pleasing Gemini

Scorpios' manipulative tendencies enable them to twist facts and deceive others, making them experts at concealing the truth.

8. Manipulative Scorpio

Pisces' blurred boundaries between truth and imagination can lead to unintentional lies as they believe in their own fantasies.

9. Imaginative Pisces

Leo's desire to maintain their pride and avoid vulnerability may result in stretching the truth to protect themselves.

10. Defensive Leo

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