The Summer I Turned Pretty: Is Season 3 of the series confirmed? Read release date, plot, and more details

Recap of the bittersweet ending of Season 2, where Belly ends up with Jeremiah instead of Conrad.

1. Season 2 Ends with a Twist

Fans eagerly awaiting details about the third season of "The Summer I Turned Pretty" (TSITP).

2.Anticipation for Season 3

Confirmation of Season 3 being greenlit by Amazon Prime Video even before the second season's last episode aired.

3. Early Season 3 Confirmation

Highlighting the show's popularity, with Season 3 being among the top 10 most-watched seasons on Amazon Prime Video.

4. Impressive Viewership Numbers

Reports indicate that Season 2 doubled the viewership of the first season, contributing to the early renewal.

5. Doubled Viewership

Information about Season 3 containing 10 episodes, two more than the current season's 8.

6. Upcoming Episode Count

Mention of Season 3 becoming the longest runtime in the series so far due to the increased episode count.

7. Longest Runtime Yet

Discussion about the lack of a confirmed release date for Season 3, but speculating about maintaining a summer release pattern.

8. Release Date Uncertainty

Confirmation that Season 3's production won't start until Hollywood Strikes are over, potentially affecting the release timeline.

9. Production Delay

Speculation that Season 3's release in Summer 2024 depends on the outcome of negotiations with SAG-AFTRA unions.

10. Unions Impacting Release

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