The Marvels: Will Secret Invasion twist create cold war between Nick Fury and Captain Marvel? Find out

The finale of Secret Invasion has opened doors for new possibilities in The Marvels.

1. Secret Invasion's Impact on The Marvels

The Marvels might see the beginning of a cold war between Captain Marvel and Nick Fury.

2. The Commencement of Captain Marvel and Nick Fury's Enemy Arc

The Marvels takes place immediately after Secret Invasion, impacting Phase 5 and the future of the MCU.

3. Timeline and Cinematic Universe Influence

'The Harvest' is an Avenger DNA sample that can bestow immense power to whoever takes it, leading to potential conflicts.

4. The Harvest's Significance

The technology behind 'The Harvest' was designed by Skrulls under Nick Fury's direction after Avengers: Endgame.

5. Skrulls and Nick Fury's Directive

G'IA'h and Gravik's newfound abilities through 'The Harvest' affect Captain Marvel's powers.

6. Impact on Captain Marvel's Powers

The Harvest was created without the consent of the superheroes, leading to tension between them and Nick Fury.

7. Non-Consensual Creation of 'The Harvest'

Samuel L. Jackson hints at a connection between the events of Secret Invasion and The Marvels.

8. Samuel L. Jackson's Hint

The Harvest used DNA samples from not only the Avengers but also Thanos and his Dark Order.

9. Involvement of Thanos and Dark Order

Fans are eagerly awaiting The Marvels as it kicks off Phase 5 and introduces new heroes to root for, sparking more theories.

10. Anticipation for The Marvels

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