The End Of The Blacklist Explained: What Is James Spader Red's Fate?

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"The Blacklist" is a crime thriller television series starring James Spader.

The show first premiered on September 23, 2013, on NBC.

After 10 years and ten 22-episode seasons, "The Blacklist" bid farewell to fans and viewers.

The final episode of the tenth and last season aired on July 13, 2023, on NBC.

The two-hour series finale featured Raymond "Red" Reddington running from the FBI agents he used to work with.

Initially conflicted due to their loyalty to Red, the officials eventually realized the importance of apprehending him and put their emotions aside.

Hudson arrested Dembe, a close asociate of Red, on charges of aiding and abetting a fugitive.

During a chaotic sequence, Red and his men crashed their vehicles.

Hudson shot Dembe in the neck, prompting Red to shoot Hudson in the head, killing him instantly.

Red took Dembe to a hospital and volunteered for a blood transfusion to save him, but when officials arrived, Red had disappeared.

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