The 10 top tourist attractions in the USA

Known for its iconic sites like Times Square, Empire State Building, and Statue of Liberty.

1. New York City

The city of angels with its famous movie industry and attractions like Malibu Beach and Venice Beach.

2. Los Angeles

Famous for the Pacific Coast Highway and breathtaking coastal views.

3. Big Sur

A place for relaxation and fun, featuring Miami, Tampa Bay, and Disneyworld.

4. Florida

A paradise island with volcanic landscapes, beautiful beaches, and rich indigenous culture.

6. Hawaii

Surrounded by the Blue Ridge in the Appalachian mountain range, offering great mountain views and festivals.

7. Asheville

Known for its laid-back lifestyle and French culture, hosting famous festivals like Mardi Gras.

8. New Orleans

Home to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and close to Napa Valley's wine country.

9. San Francisco

An oasis in the Nevada desert, famous for its casinos, entertainment, and shopping.

10. Las Vegas

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