RHOBH's Erika Jayne Addresses Ozempic Use Speculation Amid Weight Loss

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Erika Jayne confirmed that she lost weight hormonally and not through the use of Ozempic, an FDA-approved diabetes medication.

1. Erika Jayne's Weight Loss Revelation

Host Andy Cohen pointed out that Erika appeared significantly slimmer, to which she acknowledged her weight reduction and attributed it to going through menopause.

2. Whisper of Herself

Despite her busy schedule, Erika has been preparing for her upcoming Las Vegas residency, "Bet It All on Blonde."

3. Rehearsing for Las Vegas Residency

Fellow Real Housewives star Kyle Richards has also been accused of using Ozempic for her weight loss, but she has repeatedly denied these claims, emphasizing her dedication to intense workouts and cutting out alcohol.

4. Kyle Richards' Denial

Kyle Richards openly admitted to having a breast reduction in May but firmly stated that she has never tried Ozempic or credited plastic surgery for her weight loss.

5. Honesty About Procedures

The Real Housewives of Orange County's Emily Simpson tried Ozempic as per her doctor's advice for body transformation, but she ultimately switched to daily workouts instead.

6. Emily Simpson's Experience

Despite the speculation around Bravo stars using Ozempic, Erika Jayne's case highlights that other factors like hormonal changes (menopause) can also contribute to weight loss.

7. Ozempic's Role in Weight Loss

Ozempic is an FDA-approved medication primarily used for treating Type 2 diabetes, and its potential role in weight loss has generated curiosity and discussions.

8. FDA-Approved Medication

The Real Housewives franchise has seen various cast members undergo body transformations, and some have been open about the methods they employed to achieve their goals.

9. Support for Body Transformations

Each cast member's experience with weight loss or body transformation is unique, with different factors playing a role, ranging from hormonal changes, workouts, diet changes, to medical interventions like Ozempic.

10. Individual Journeys

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