"Recap: Episode 8 of 'The Crowded Room' - Tom Holland"

In episode eight of "The Crowded Room," titled [episode title], several significant events take place.

To protect himself, Marlin lies when Officer Matty asks about the wound on his arm. He claims that a kid stabbed him with a knife.

However, Matty investigates and determines that the wound is actually from a bullet, exposing Candy's alibi as false.

As a result, Stan gains the authority to summon Marlin as a witness in Danny's case.

The revelation of Marlin's past abuse and his involvement in Danny's shooting adds complexity and tension to the storyline.

Meanwhile, Danny's defense team strategizes on how to present his mental health issues as a factor in the shooting incident.

Amanda Seyfried's character, Rya Goodwin, continues to support Danny and assists his legal team in building a strong defense.

The episode delves deeper into the psychological aspects of Danny's condition and the impact it has had on his life.

As the series progresses, the suspense and intensity of the thriller miniseries escalate, leaving viewers eager to find out what happens next.

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