Rebel Wilson shares photo of her face after getting injured performing stunt on set of Bride Hard

Rebel Wilson suffered an injury on the set of her upcoming film "Bride Hard" while performing a stunt, resulting in her needing stitches.

1. Stunt Accident

The actress took to Instagram Stories to share a photo of her face with stitches and revealed the incident.

2. Instagram Revelation

Following the accident, Rebel Wilson was rushed to the hospital for medical attention.

3. Hospitalization

Despite the SAG-AFTRA strike, "Bride Hard" production continued as it was an independent film that was granted an Interim Agreement.

4. Continuing Filming

The movie "Bride Hard" features well-known actors, including Anne Hathaway, Dakota Fanning, Glen Close, James Badge Dale, Ben Foster, Graham Greene, and Melissa Leo.

5. Star-Studded Cast

The film is an action comedy directed by Simon West, where Rebel Wilson plays a badass secret agent and is tasked with being her best friend's maid of honor.

6. Plot of "Bride Hard"

Rebel Wilson expressed her wish to have another child in the future. She already has a nine-month-old daughter named Royce.

7. Desire for Another Child

Having another child would require Rebel Wilson to undergo IVF treatment.

8. IVF Consideration

The actress is amazed by her motherhood experience and has become affectionate and soft with her baby girl.

9. Joy of Motherhood

Some of Rebel Wilson's recent films include "The Hustle," "Absolutely Fabulous," and "Pain & Gain."

10. Recent Films

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