Pete Alonso's Apology for Throwing First Hit Ball into Stands 1

New York Mets' first baseman Pete Alonso accidentally threw the ball into the stands during a game at Busch Stadium, not realizing that the hit marked St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Masyn Winn's first major league hit.

1. Unintended Move

Masyn Winn didn't immediately receive the ball as a keepsake, as Alonso's action caused it to end up in the stands instead of being preserved as a special memento for Winn.

2. Missed Memento Opportunity

Alonso was visibly distraught after realizing his mistake and admitted to feeling "horrible" and "awful" about what he had done, robbing Winn of a significant moment.

3. Emotional Reaction

In his post-game comments, Alonso candidly stated that he felt like a "piece of crap" and expressed deep regret for his thoughtless action.

4. Expressing Regret

Alonso explained that he got caught up in the heat of the moment while trying to make a play, leading to the unintended throw into the stands.

5. Heat of the Moment

After this incident, Alonso vowed to change his approach and promised that he would never again throw the ball into the stands.

6. Change of Approach

Alonso related his own first hit experience and how he received the ball back to the dugout. He mentioned that he regretted not extending the same courtesy to Winn.

7. Reflecting on Personal Experience

Alonso emphasized that his action was a "really bad mistake" and insisted that it was unintentional. He expressed deep remorse and acknowledged the negative impression it left.

8.Unintentional Mistake

The Mets' player admitted that his unintentional mistake was a learning experience and that he felt like an "idiot."

9. Learning from the Incident

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