Mr. Perfectly Fine': Sophie Turner subtly makes fun of husband Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift's romantic history using tour bracelets

Actress Sophie Turner playfully pokes fun at her husband Joe Jonas and his past relationship with Taylor Swift using a friendship bracelet, catching the attention of fans.

1. Subtle Jibe by Sophie Turner

Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift were in a brief relationship in 2008, which has remained a topic of discussion over the years.

2. Relationship History

Taylor Swift reportedly wrote multiple songs about Joe Jonas, including "Forever & Always" and "Mr. Perfectly Fine."

3. Songs About Joe Jonas

Taylor Swift is experiencing significant career success with the Eras Tour and re-recordings of her previous albums, while her dating history continues to be of interest.

4. Success of Taylor Swift

Sophie Turner shares pictures from a Jonas Brothers concert at Yankee Stadium on Instagram, including a humorous one that indirectly references Joe Jonas' history with Swift.

5. Instagram Post

Turner captions the post with "[musical note emoji] long long New York nights [musical note emoji]," along with images from the concert.

6. Caption Playfulness

One of the images shows Sophie Turner wearing a stack of friendship bracelets, with a conspicuous bracelet reading "Mr. Perfectly Fine," subtly referencing Joe Jonas' romantic past.

7. Friendship Bracelet

Fans quickly notice the reference and react enthusiastically in the comments, praising Sophie Turner's clever jest.

8. Fan Reactions

Swift's album "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" includes unreleased vault tracks written during the original album's release, with "Mr. Perfectly Fine" being one of them.

9. Album Fearless

Taylor Swift revealed that Joe Jonas broke up with her over the phone, leading to her writing songs like "Forever & Always" about the experience.

10. Joe Jonas Breakup

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