Most to least dirty-minded zodiac signs

Scorpios claim the throne as the dirtiest minded zodiac.

1. Scorpio

His royal and confident demeanor cannot match his dirty minded tendencies.

2. Leo

Aries people, who are known for their leadership qualities, also exhibit a dirty-minded side.

3. Aries

There is a deep connection between the feelings and relationships of the people of Cancer, who are experts in the power of imagination.

4. Cancer

Often considered to be serious individuals due to their busy lifestyle, Capricorns surprise others with their hidden dirty mind.

5. Capricorn

Sagittarius men have a tendency to show off and are not afraid to flirt unusually.

6. Sagittarius

Although Libra may not be experts at talking dirty, they are known to be one of the zodiac signs with a dirty mind.

7. Libra

Pisces sign people can make their lover's life easy in the bedroom with their inventive mind.

8. Pisces

Aquarius people have difficulty discussing their feelings and sexual desires.

9. Aquarius

People of Taurus give priority to romance rather than being considered dirty minded.

10. Taurus

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