Manchester United star Antony's ex-wife set to file domestic violence case in England - Reports

Manchester United star Antony's ex-wife, Gabriela Cavallin, is reportedly preparing to file a police report for domestic violence against the winger in England.

1. Domestic Violence Allegations

Cavallin, a renowned DJ and influencer, separated from Antony due to alleged abusive behavior by the footballer.

2. Reason for Separation

Prior to the report in England, Cavallin had filed a complaint in Brazil alleging similar offenses by Antony.

3. Similar Complaint in Brazil

Vanessa Souza, the victim's legal representative, suggests that Antony could face punishment for three different crimes in England

4. Potential Legal Consequences

Gabriela's lawyers in Brazil reached out to Vanessa Souza to represent her interests with the Crown Prosecutor Service and the Manchester Police.

5. Legal Contacts Established

The English authorities are treating the matter seriously and with respect, given the severity of the allegations.

6. Serious Approach by Authorities

Following the alleged events, Cavallin claims to have experienced trouble sleeping due to the emotional impact.

7. Effects on Cavallin

Antony has denied the allegations of domestic violence made by Cavallin. He remained silent to avoid interfering with the investigation process, and his family also suffered in silence during this period.

8. Denial by Antony

Antony, born and raised in a challenging community, expresses that he has never been in a situation like this before.

9. Assertion of Innocence

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