Lynn Grant reveals it all after securing $1.75 million in 2023

Linn Grant won the Dana Open in Ohio, her first victory on the LPGA Tour, earning $1,750,000.

Grant described the final round as nerve-wracking and filled with pressure, contrary to what it may have seemed to spectators.

Grant stated that the pressure and stress were present from the moment she teed off until her last putt.

The golfer mentioned that the built-in pressure at golf tournaments can be both fun and not fun at times.

Grant shared that despite the perception of a smooth finish, it was a challenging and awful experience for her.

During a post-round press conference, Grant was asked about her favorite movies and mentioned enjoying thrilling films like "The Da Vinci Code" and "The Silence of the Lambs."

Amanda Seyfried's character, Rya Goodwin, continues to support Danny and assists his legal team in building a strong defense.

The article suggests that Grant's preference for thrilling movies indicates her liking for excitement and intensity even off the golf course.

The article mentions that Grant's win was a stellar victory, highlighting her accomplishment on the LPGA Tour.

Riya Singhal, the author of the article, is a promising golf writer who has showcased exceptional talent in her coverage of the sport.

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