Kristen Stewart's Cannes Red Carpet Controversy

Kristen Stewart made headlines during the Cannes Film Festival in 2012 for her controversial behavior on the red carpet with Kirsten Dunst.

1. Cannes Red Carpet Incident

Both actresses were promoting their film "On the Road" at the festival, along with co-stars Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, and Alice Braga.

2. On the Road Film Promotion

Paparazzi captured the incident on camera, revealing Kristen's mischievous actions while standing beside Kirsten during a photocall.

3. Paparazzi Caught the Moment

Kristen looked stunning in yellow cigarette pants, a white top, and a black blazer with blue-dominated sprinkle/floral work.

4. Kristen Stewart's Outfit

Kirsten appeared glamorous in an embossed white-silver dress and matching shoes, exuding elegance on the red carpet.

5. Kirsten Dunst's Glamorous Look

During the photo session, Kristen was caught lifting her right arm and forming a claw shape, seemingly aiming it towards Kirsten's breasts.

6. Silly Gesture

Despite the controversial gesture, the co-stars were seen having lots of fun, smiling, and giggling throughout the shoot, indicating a playful atmosphere.

7. Playful Atmosphere

The paparazzi images did not conclusively reveal whether Kristen's attempt was successful or not in grabbing Kirsten's breasts.

8. Lack of Clarity

The incident was reported by Yahoo in May 2012, spreading the news of Kristen Stewart's misbehavior at the prestigious film festival.

9. Yahoo's Report

The incident remains a memorable and controversial moment in the history of the Cannes Film Festival, adding to Kristen Stewart's media attention.

10. Memorable Cannes Moment

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