Krapopolis: When is the new animated sitcom releasing? artists and more

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"Krapopolis" is an upcoming animated sitcom television series.

The show has been created by Dan Harmon, the creator of "Rick and Morty."

The first season of "Krapopolis" is set to release on September 24, 2023, on Fox.

The series will premiere with the first two episodes and then join Fox's Animation Domination block from October 1.

"Krapopolis" is set in ancient Greece and revolves around a flawed family of humans, gods, and monsters trying to run the city without killing each other.

It is Fox's first fully-owned animated series and was ordered in 2020.

The voice cast of "Krapopolis" includes Hannah Waddingham as Deliria, Richard Ayoade as Tyrannis, Matt Berry as Shlub, Pam Murphy as Stupendous, and Duncan Trussell as Hippocampus.

Deliria, voiced by Hannah Waddingham, is the mother of Tyrannis and the goddess of self-destruction and questionable choices.

Tyrannis, voiced by Richard Ayoade, is the king of Krapopolis and is optimistic but not physically gifted.

The article provides a sneak peek of "Krapopolis" through a video link.

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