Johnny Depp once made $10 million even after taking a pay cut

Despite recent controversies, Johnny Depp is making a comeback to acting and reshaping his career.

1. Johnny Depp's Reshaping Career

Depp has always been in discussions for his paychecks, which have consistently grown over the years.

2. Discussion about Paychecks

Depp has been associated with iconic roles like Jack Sparrow in Pirates Of The Caribbean and Gellert Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

3. Roles in Iconic Franchises

In 2013, Depp reunited with Pirates Of The Caribbean Director Gore Verbinski for the movie "The Lone Ranger."

4. The Lone Ranger Reunion

Despite a proposed budget of $250 million and the possibility of the film being canceled, Depp decided to do the movie even with a pay cut.

5. Salary Cut

Depp's decision to take a pay cut amounted to around $20 million.

6. Facing a $20 Million Reduction

Despite the pay cut, Depp still earned $10 million for his role in "The Lone Ranger."

7. $10 Million Earnings

"The Lone Ranger" earned only $260 million worldwide, resulting in a significant loss of $190 million for Disney.

8. Film's Box Office Performance

Depp played the role of Tonto, a Native American companion to Armie Hammer's titular character.

9. Tonto Character

The film's underperformance at the box office led to a substantial financial loss for Disney.

10. Disney's Loss

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