Is Taylor Swift's new Speak Now vinyl 'cursed'?

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Taylor Swift released a re-recorded version of "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)" from her album "Speak Now" on July 7.

The re-recorded version of "Speak Now" has been very successful.

A fan named Rachel Hunter had a terrifying experience while playing a brand new vinyl copy of Taylor Swift's re-recorded "Speak Now" album.

When Rachel played the opening song, she heard disturbing messages about "endless rows of sardines" and a reference to the 1960s horror series The Outer Limits.

The messages included a deep male voice asking, "There are 70 billion people on Earth, where are they hiding?" Creepy music is playing in the background.

Rachel initially thought the vinyl contained a secret message from Taylor, but when she turned to the B-side, the creepy messages continued.

Rachel felt scared because she was alone and it was late at night when Vinyl was playing these disturbing messages.

Rachel shared her experience with the BBC, expressing growing unease and fear during the encounter.

Unusual messages on the vinyl lead Rachel to believe that the Taylor Swift "Speak Now" vinyl is cursed.

The incident has attracted attention and raised curiosity among Taylor Swift fans and vinyl collectors alike.

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