Is Olivia Rodrigo Dropping A Bombshell On Taylor Swift With Her New Single Vampire?

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Olivia Rodrigo released the lead single, "Vampire," from her upcoming second album, "Guts."

The song "Vampire" has received high praise and is expected to follow in the success of her chart-topping debut album, "Sour."

Fans have speculated that the song's lyrics hint at a feud between Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift.

The lyrics of "Vampire" suggest a narrative of feeling used and betrayed by someone once highly regarded.

The line, "Went for me and not her cause girls your age know better," has sparked speculation about tension between Olivia and Taylor Swift.

Insiders close to the situation have refuted claims that the lyric refers to Olivia's ex, Adam Faze.

Both Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift have not explicitly addressed the speculation surrounding their alleged feud.

Fans eagerly await further insights into the possible drama and anticipate whether "Vampire" will shed light on the rumored feud.

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