Indiana Jones’ & The Blase Box Office

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"Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny" is projected to open around $60 million, the low of the tracking estimate.

The film's estimated production cost before marketing and advertising expenses (P&A) ranges from $250 million to around $300 million.

The film premiered at Cannes to weak reviews and struggled to generate positive buzz.

Despite a significant marketing and promotional campaign, including $90 million from promotional partners, the film's projections have not improved.

The article noted the absence of the breath and detail that Steven Spielberg provided in the action sequences of the older Indiana Jones films.

The film is criticized for relying on franchise tropes such as a child's sidekick and videogame-like action.

Although an estimated opening figure of $60 million could be good for exhibition and popcorn sales over the five-day holiday weekend.

But it is considered disappointing for a film with such a high production cost.

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