Harry and Meghan's Close Friend Debunks Troubled Relationship Rumors

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Karl Larsen, a friend of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, has dismissed reports of their troubled relationship.

Larsen, who is a family photographer and a friend of Meghan's father, took to Instagram to address the rumors of a rift between Harry and Meghan.

Recent news reports suggested the couple were going through a difficult time, with Harry reportedly seeking legal advice.

Meghan's half-sister, Samantha, also backed the reports and expressed her belief that the couple are headed for divorce unless sufficient proof of their commitment is provided.

Sharing a photo of Meghan and Harry in Santa Barbara, California, proof of their happiness together.

Harry and Meghan first met on a blind date in 2016 and married in 2018 at Windsor Castle.

Despite facing initial challenges and occasional negative speculation, their relationship has endured.

A purported self-styled author and expert previously predicted the end of Harry and Meghan's marriage, fueling the rumours.

Larsen's public support and affirmation of his love belied these predictions.

Meghan's father criticized the couple for their treatment of the family.

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