Ezra Miller says harassment order has expired

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Ezra Miller, best known for his role in the movie "The Flash", has given a statement after the harassment order imposed on him expired.

The harassment order was initially filed in June 2022 by a parent in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

who accused Miller of behaving inappropriately in front of their 11-year-old non-binary child.

The parents and the child alleged that Miller forcefully hugged the child and touched her buttocks.

Additionally, a neighbor claimed that Miller went to the family home wearing a bulletproof vest and lashed out, yelling at the adults.

The harassment order was overturned by a Greenfield District Court judge.

In response to the termination of the harassment order, Miller posted a statement on Instagram, expressing her gratitude to those who stood by her.

Miller emphasized that the purpose of protective orders is to provide protection for individuals in danger, not to be weaponized for attention or personal vendetta.

He claimed that he had been unjustly and directly targeted by a man with a history of molestation and destructive actions.

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