Emily Blunt’s Blazer Was Popping Open In Front Of The Whole World At Oppenheimer’s Event

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Emily Blunt and Florence Pugh attended a red carpet event together.

The event took place at Trafalgar Square in London.

During the press photo session, Blunt's jacket appeared to come loose.

Florence Pugh noticed the wardrobe malfunction and came to Blunt's rescue.

Pugh lent a helping hand to Blunt, preventing any potential flashing incident.

Pugh held Blunt's jacket and became a shield to protect her co-star's modesty.

Blunt quickly adjusted her attire and continued posing for the cameras.

The incident resulted in a moment of laughter between Blunt and Pugh.

Blunt's blazer was described as rose gold in color.

Insider reported the incident and highlighted Pugh's supportive gesture towards Blunt.

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