Charlize Theron has a blunt response for people who think she’s had a facelift

Charlize Theron, in an interview with Allure, addresses rumors of a facelift by embracing the natural aging process of her face.

1. Charlize Theron's Candid Response

Theron, aged 48, discusses her role as the face of Dior's new perfume L'Or de J'Adore, while also raising her two daughters, Jackson and August.

2. Dior Perfume Ambassador

The actor reflects on her nearly two-decade tenure as the face of Dior's classic J'Adore perfume and how she's seen herself evolve in various campaign stages.

3. Reflection on Aging

Theron acknowledges the skepticism surrounding her appearance and responds humorously, stating that her changing face is simply due to the aging process.

4. Facing Critics

Theron addresses gender disparities in aging, expressing her disdain for the perception that men age gracefully while women's aging is criticized.

5. Gender Double Standards

Theron advocates for more empathy in acknowledging the personal journeys individuals experience in their aging process.

6. Empathy and Acceptance

The actor humorously reflects on seeing her face on billboards and how her perspective has shifted over time.

7. Humor in Billboard Sightings

Theron's previous views on plastic surgery are discussed, as she admits to considering cosmetic procedures in her mid-30s, though she wasn't against them entirely.

8. Past Views on Cosmetic Procedures

Theron shares her evolving relationship with her appearance, emphasizing that changes are natural and not all-consuming.

9. Relationship with Appearance

Theron celebrated her 48th birthday, attending a Taylor Swift concert with her daughters the day after, showcasing her vibrant life and spirit.

10. 48th Birthday Celebration

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