"California Man Paralyzed in Altercation with Police Receives $20 Million Settlement"

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Gregory Gross, an Army veteran from Yuba City, Northern California, has been awarded a $20 million settlement for causing a traffic stop

Gross filed a lawsuit against the police department in 2022, alleging the use of excessive force during his arrest in April 2020.

He is shown ignoring her pleas to lose feeling in her legs and unable to breathe.

The incident occurred after Gross was charged with drunk driving and a slow speed collision.

As a result of the brawl, Gross broke his neck and had to undergo two spinal fusion surgeries.

Injuries sustained during the arrest left Gross unable to walk or care for himself.

Moseley Collins, the attorney representing Gross, clarified that he is not against the police, but against incidents of police brutality.

The $20 million settlement is one of the largest police malpractice settlements in California history.

Yuba City, as part of the settlement, will implement measures such as random audits of officers' bodycam footage and a review of incidents of use of force.

Police Chief Brian Baker publicly apologized to Gross during a news conference announcing the settlement.

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