Bison gores woman at Yellowstone National Park

The incident took place at Yellowstone National Park, specifically on the north shore of Lake Yellowstone near the Lake Lodge Cabins.

A 47-year-old woman from Phoenix, Arizona, was gored by a bison during the incident.

The woman suffered significant injuries to her chest and abdomen.

It is unclear how close the woman was to the bison before the attack occurred.

Bison in Yellowstone National Park can be unpredictable and are capable of running three times faster than humans.

The woman was airlifted to a medical center for treatment after the attack.

Yellowstone National Park requires all visitors to maintain a distance of at least 25 yards from most wildlife, including bison, elk, and deer.

The Park Service emphasizes that wildlife in the park should not be approached as they can be dangerous.

The incident occurred during the bison mating season, which takes place from mid-July through the middle of August.

While this attack is the first incident of its kind in 2023, there were multiple instances of visitors being gored by bison in the park the previous year.

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