Australian firm sues Twitter for $665,000 for not paying bills

An Australian project management firm called Facilitate Corp has filed a lawsuit against Twitter Inc.

1. Lawsuit against Twitter

Facilitate Corp is seeking cumulative payments of approximately A$1 million ($665,000) from Twitter.

2. Allegations of non-payment

The lawsuit alleges Twitter breached its contract with Facilitate Corp by not paying it as required for the work.

3. Breach of contract

Facilitate Corp says it provided services for Twitter in several locations.

4. Locations of Work

The lawsuit was filed on June 29, 2023, indicating that Facilitate Corp's legal action is relatively recent.

5. Timing of the Lawsuit

This lawsuit is not the first time Twitter has faced allegations of non-payment since Elon Musk acquired the platform last year for $44 billion.

6. Allegations of past non-payment

The lawsuit against Twitter was filed in a US court.

7. Location of the lawsuit

Facilitate Corp is seeking approximately A$1 million ($665,000) in cumulative payments from Twitter.

8. Financial claims

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