Arresting Putin a 'declaration of war': S.Africa's Ramaphosa

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa opposes arresting Russian President Putin due to national security concerns.

The Democratic Alliance is pushing for Putin's arrest and ICC handover.

Russia has warned that arresting Putin would be seen as a declaration of war.

Ramaphosa considers the arrest inconsistent with the country's Constitution and his duty to protect it.

The arrest could undermine South Africa's efforts to end the war in Ukraine.

The diplomatic dilemma revolves around hosting Putin at a BRICS summit in Johannesburg.

South Africa is an ICC member and expected to implement arrest warrants.

The DA is taking the issue to court to force the government's hand.

Ramaphosa labels the DA's application as "irresponsible."

The arrest could jeopardize any chance of a peaceful solution in Ukraine.

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