Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater were seen kissing before latter parted ways with wife; Report

Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater, co-stars in the musical Wicked, have been at the center of rumors about their blossoming romance.

1. Rumored Romance

An unnamed source from Page Six reported that the two stars displayed affectionate behavior on the Wicked set, sparking gossip about their relationship.

2. Affection on Set

The rumored pair allegedly engaged in public displays of affection (PDA) on at least two occasions, including a steamy make-out session at a pub in Hampstead.

3. PDA at the Pub

Ariana and Ethan were also seen getting cozy with each other at Michelle Yeoh's Oscar party.

4. Cozying up at Oscar Party

At the time of their alleged PDA, Ethan Slater was still married to his wife, Lilly Jay, adding complexity to the situation.

5. Marriage Status

Neither Ariana Grande nor Ethan Slater's representatives have officially commented on their relationship status, leaving the public to speculate.

6. Denying Official Comments

The undeniable chemistry between Ariana and Ethan became apparent, fueling further speculation about their romantic involvement.

7. Chemistry between Co-Stars

The exact timeline of when their romance began remains a mystery, with conflicting reports on whether it started before or after Ethan's separation from Lilly.

8. Start of Romance Unclear

Being in the public eye makes navigating relationships more complicated, as rumors and gossip become widespread.

9. Love in the Public Eye

The reported romance between Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater has garnered significant media attention, with fans and tabloids closely following their every move.

10. Media Attention

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