Angelina Jolie on Hugh Jackman's Banned List: Insights into Their Marriage

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Hugh Jackman is a popular Hollywood actor known for his acting skills and handsome looks.

Despite being open to intimate and explicit scenes in his movies, Hugh's relationship with his wife remains controversy-free.

Deborra-Lee Furness, Hugh's wife, has a great sense of humor and openly talks about their marital life.

When asked if there were any restrictions on Hugh working with actresses, Deborra-Lee mentioned Angelina Jolie.

Deborra-Lee jokingly told Hugh's agent that he was not allowed to work with Angelina.

Although she made the comment in jest, it's unclear if Deborra-Lee was actually jealous of Angelina Jolie.

Due to Deborra-Lee's ban, Hugh is apparently not allowed to film with Angelina Jolie.

Despite this restriction, Deborra-Lee mentioned that their marriage remains strong.

Hugh revealed that they have a rule of not being apart for more than two weeks.

Deborra-Lee's ban on Hugh working with Angelina Jolie adds an interesting aspect to their relationship.

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