Adele warns fans after serial attacks on stage

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Adele has issued a challenge to fans who might be considering throwing something at her while she's performing onstage.

Adele warns concertgoers about forgetting show etiquette and throwing things onstage.

The British pop superstar dares someone to throw something at her during her performances.

Adele declares that she will "kill" anyone who throws something at her.

The article mentions that other musical artists have been accosted with objects like cell phones, raunchy sex toys, and a massive cheese wheel during live performances.

The challenge was made by Adele during her residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Adele responded to the issue by using a T-shirt cannon to launch merchandise into the audience, suggesting they should stop throwing things at the artist.

The NSFW moment captured in an Instagram Reel was the platform through which Adele made her challenge to fans.

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