A Rare Pink Bird Spotted in Wisconsin After 178 Years

A Southern Shorebird Rediscovered

1. Roseate Spoonbill's Remarkable Sighting

A Rare Bird in Ken Euers Nature Area, Green Bay

2. Logan Lasee's Discovery

Over 450 People Visit the Nature Area After the Sighting

3. Unprecedented Interest

Last Seen in Wisconsin Almost 180 Years Ago

4. The Elusive Birs

The Deputy Director of Green Bay's Parks and Recreation

5. James Andersen's Account

A Crowd of 60-70 People Searching for the Bird

6. Unusual Sightings

The Unique Appearance of the Roseate Spoonbill

7. Pink and Distinctive

Only Roseate Spoonbill Present in North America

8. The Rarity of the Species

Theories on How the Bird Reached Green Bay

9. Mysterious Arrival

Birds' Habits and Migration Patterns Shifting Northward.

10. Impact of Climate Change

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