Based Health Benefits of Almonds”

The almond tree, Prunus dulcis, produces edible almonds. Store-bought almonds have the shell removed.

Nutrient-Rich Almonds

Antioxidant-rich almonds. Antioxidants defend against oxidative stress, which damages cell molecules and causes inflammation, ageing, and cancer.

Almonds Are Antioxidant-Rich

Vitamin E family antioxidants are fat-soluble. Antioxidants accumulate in cell membranes, protecting cells from oxidative damage.


Nuts include healthful fats, protein, and fibre but little carbohydrates. They are ideal for diabetics. Almost 300 biological systems need magnesium.


Almond magnesium may also reduce blood pressure. Hypertension causes heart attacks, strokes, and renal failure.

Magnesium Improves Blood Pressure.

Heart disease is linked to high LDL cholesterol levels. Diet may greatly impact LDL levels. Almonds reduce LDL in certain trials.

Almonds Reduce Cholesterol.

They prevent LDL oxidation, a key stage in heart disease.

Almonds Reduce LDL Oxidation.

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