5 Relationship Hacks for a Happy Married Life

Keep a hidden notebook and write down things she likes or wants, then surprise her with thoughtful gifts later.

1. Thoughtful Note-taking

Get insider information about her haircuts, so you can compliment her on her new look.

2. Befriend Her Hairdresser

When in an argument, hold hands and take a walk together to diffuse tension and foster better communication.

3. Walking Together

Concentrate on a happy memory or the best trait of your partner during tough times to maintain a positive outlook.

4. Focus on the Positive

Make her feel special by always answering her calls and showing she's a priority.

5. Always Answer Her Calls

Show her that you care by actively listening to her feelings and thoughts.

6. Listening with Care

Occasionally surprise her with thoughtful gestures that show your love and attention.

7. Surprise Gestures

Dedicate quality time to spend together and strengthen your bond.

8. Quality Time

Understand her uniqueness and appreciate her for who she is.

9. Respect Her Individuality

Be willing to apologize when necessary, and practice forgiveness to maintain a healthy relationship.

10. Apologize and Forgive

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