"10 Unique Foods You Must Try At Least Once"

A refined Tuscan dish made from strips of pork fat seasoned with herbs and spices.

1. Lardo

Tubular clams with more flesh than normal clams.

2.Tubular clams

A delicious Welsh dish made from cooked seaweed.

3. Laver bread

The Lively "Superfood" Berry That Can Be Eaten as a Snack

4. Goji Berry

Often served in a rich tomato sauce or deep fried with a spicy green sauce.

5. Tripe

Delicate in flavor with a mild allium flavor.

6. Wild Garlic

Expensive and luxurious fungi that grow wild.

7. Truffles

A South American caramel sauce that has a thick, sticky consistency.

8. Dulce de leche

A fermented vegetable condiment that is a staple of Korean cuisine.

9. Kimchi

Nutrient-rich seeds rich in omega-3, calcium and protein.

10. Chia Seeds

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