10 Refreshing Drinks Perfect for this Monsoon

As the summer season transitions into monsoon, you might still have some leftover mangoes in your kitchen.

1. Mango Thick Shake

For coffee enthusiasts, a homemade cappuccino is an ideal choice on a rainy day.

2. Cappuccino

Lemon tea is an irresistible drink packed with vitamin C and goodness.

3. Salmon

Embrace the bountiful fruits of the monsoon season and take advantage of their nutritional benefits.

4. Phalsa Sherbet

If you're in the mood for a milky beverage, indulge in a large mug of hot cocoa.

5. Hot Cocoa

For a simple and refreshing drink, a glass of lemonade does wonders. Lemon juice provides essential

6. Lemonade

Enjoy the natural goodness of coconut water by cracking open a fresh coconut.

7. Coconut Water

This delicious juice provides a wealth of goodness to help you stay healthy during the wet rainy season.

8. Orange and Ginger Detox Drink

Turmeric has long been recognized for its immunity-boosting properties.

9. Turmeric Milk

No monsoon season is complete without a steaming cup of masala chai in hand.

10. Chai

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