10 Most Popular Types Of Street Food In The World

Tender and delicious pulled pork has gained immense popularity as an alternative to street food.

1. Pulled Pork

Shawarma, a Middle Eastern dish, consists of thinly sliced meat (usually lamb or chicken) cooked on a spit.

2. Shawarma

Originating from the Middle East, falafel is a beloved street food made from fried balls or patties of ground chickpeas or fava beans.

3. Falafel

Dumplings have cemented their place as a popular street food across the globe.

4. Dumplings

Takoyaki, a Japanese creation, consists of bite-sized pieces of octopus cooked in a special batter.

5. Takoyaki

Native to Korea, gimbap is a healthy and delicious snack consisting of rice, vegetables and sometimes meat or fish, all wrapped in seaweed.

6. Gimbap

A Vietnamese culinary treasure, banh mi is a savory sandwich filled with slow-cooked pork belly, pickled vegetables and fresh herbs.

7. Banh Mi

Originating from Spain, churros are fried pastries made from dough similar to a doughnut.

8. Churros

A Canadian classic, poutine is a comfort food masterpiece with delicious gravy and cheese curds poured over crispy French fries. l

9. Poutine

Whether enjoyed leisurely at home or eaten on the go, tacos are an irresistible street food option.

9. Poutine

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