The 10 Most Ancient Dog Breeds In The World

Known as the "barkless dog," they originate from Central Africa and make yodel-like sounds instead of barking.


Also called the Persian Greyhound, it's an ancient breed known for grace and speed, used for hunting in the Middle East.


From Afghanistan, admired for their long, flowing coat and aristocratic appearance, originally bred for mountain game hunting.

Afghan Hound

Wild appearance with leopard-like coat, muscular build, and high activity levels.

Bengal Cat

Thick, luxurious fur, robust build, and various coat colors for cold climates.

Siberian Cat

Large, affectionate with striking blue eyes, known for going limp when held.

Ragdoll Cat

Adorable folded ears, available in various coat colors and patterns.

Scottish Fold

Naturally spotted coat with a shimmering appearance, agile and graceful.

Egyptian Mau

Short, dense blue-gray coat, striking green eyes, and gentle demeanor.

Russian Blue

Large and sturdy with water-repellent coat, wild appearance, bushy tails, and tufted ears.

Norwegian Forest Cat

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